Mindful Food That Makes You Better

Mindful Food Meditation

Mindful Food Meditation

You are what you eat. We all went through these experience: Sometimes our body and mind feels very heavy and tired even after a ‘good’ meal of heavy food, and sometimes our body and mind feels very delighted and uplifting after certain meal of mindful food.

To keep your mind and body healthy and energetic, we really have to pay attention to the diet, as food directly impact our mindfulness and vibration energy. The habit of eating Mindful Food is a very important source of good vibrational energy, which transcends our life into much better shape.

Here are the top high vibration mind food that will definitely make you feel better, more awaken, and more focused:

Organic fruits and berries

Fresh Organic Fruits – Fresh organic fruits are a very awesome category of mind food, as it contains lots of energy from the sun and surroundings. The best time to eat the fruits is when these fruit are ripped and fresh from the plant. Among all fruits, the red and purple berries have the highest vibration energy. Also the awesome level of antioxidants in the berries and fruits help to keep your body young and healthy

Kale mindful food

Vegetables: Among all vegetables, Kale, Lettuce, Rocket leaf, Sprouts, Beans, and Olives are the ones with the top vibration energy. Again, make sure you pick and eat the organic ones, as this mindful food and vegetable contain an awesome amount of energy from the sun and field.

Mindful snack

Raw Seeds and Nuts : Almond, Sunflower seeds, Hazelnuts are among the best seeds which serve as mindful food. These seeds are high in protein and omega-3s that your body and brain needs for daily functioning. Raw seeds and nuts are actually the perfect snacks between meals

delicious Algae

Algae: The algae (or seaweed), especially the blue /blue-green ones have very high vibration . They are very mineral rich and at the same time contains rich omega-3 fatty acid.

Organic Honey

Maple Syrup or Raw Honey: Instead of consuming processed sugar, we should consume the natural sweetener including maple syrup, honey or agave. These natural sweetener can reduce your body sugar crave, which is usually caused by processed sugar

Start having the above mindful food, and you will see the transformation of your vibration energy level, meditation, and body.