The Best Time to Meditate during the Day

Best Time To Meditate

The Best Time to Meditate during the Day

We have quote a lot of readers ask us this good question: When is the best time to meditate during the day? It’s definitely a very good but personal question. Different people have different habit, but here what we recommend as best meditation practices:

Best Time to Meditate Morning

Morning Meditation

One of the best time to meditate is during early morning, especially between 5am – 7am. In fact, we recommend everyone make meditate the 1st first in the morning after you wake up, brush your teeth and wash your face. Try to practice 10-minute morning meditation before reading facebook, news, or having any breakfast.

We do not recommend you meditate on your bed because that’s where all the drowsiness energy stays. These best place to meditation in the morning is either somewhere outdoor or a very quiet corner inside your house which keeps you free from distractions.

Best Time to Meditate LunchTime

Lunchtime Meditation

The other best time to meditate is during lunch time. After the whole morning of work, meeting, and running around, it is a very good practice to take a moment during lunchtime to ‘re-group ‘ and meditate. The right kind of meditation during lunch time is a very effective way to re-charge and re-energize yourself for the afternoon.

It is also a good mindfulness reminder to re-instill the calmness throughout the day. Remember, a big meaty and starchy lunch will tend to make you tired in the afternoon, so the best practice is to have a light but high energy lunch and then do a short and sweet meditation after.

Happy Meditation Evening

Evening Meditation

It is also a very good practice to meditate before you go to bed. We highly recommend that you stop looking at computer, TV, or cell phone screen 30 min before you go to bed. Instead, you should find a quiet moment and do a easy happy meditation. The point of this happy meditation is to relax and think about all the happy things you did through the day. For example, you can think about the happy moment when you see the smile on the person’s face that you helped earlier today.

When you are doing the happy meditation, try to visualize every happy moments in as much detail and emotion as possible. By reviewing the happy moments, you will feel grateful about life. It will also help you to get an excellent sleep in happiness, which is the most awesome way to wrap up the day!

After all, every minute is the best time to meditate, and establishing a regular habit to do that would help a lot to re-charge your day effectively.