Which Meditation App is the best?

best meditation apps

Which Meditation App is the best?

For those who want to learn more on practicing mindfulness and meditation, meditation app can be an easy way to get started. Like having a mind personal trainer on your phone, the meditation app can be an easy way to establish the meditation habit and make it fun.

To use a meditation app or not is a very personal decision. Also, different meditation apps have different pros and cons. Choosing the most suitable meditation app is a journey; different meditation apps work for different people.

Here is the list of popular meditation apps that are interesting:

Headspace meditation app review


Headspace is a guided meditation program which features an everyday 10-minute guided meditation session. The app comes with a free 10 lesson level one pack. If you want to continue after that, there is a monthly or yearly subscription plan which unlock further levels and focuses.

What’s special about Headspace: Very simple and easy to use and follow. The meditation and step-by-step progress tracking are quite suitable for beginners

Oprah meditation app review

Oprah Meditation App (21-DAY Meditation Experience with Oprah and Deepak Chopra)

This is the Oprah Meditation app, which features free 20 minutes sections of mindfulness insights. It’s almost like a mini class into Oprah and Deepak’s take into mindfulness. “The energy of attraction is about much more than getting the things you want. It’s about aligning in order to get the things you want,” said Winfrey,

What’s special about the Oprah Meditation App: It’s very much like a mini radio program, Oprah Winfrey style.

buddhify mindfulness app review


Buddhify is about incorporate meditation and mindfulness into your daily life. It features a big spinning wheel in the app that covers meditations for the moments all the way from Waking Up, Eating, Commuting, Feeling Stressed, Work Break, to Before Sleep. This app is USD 4.99 for iphone and USD 2.99 for Android

What’s special about the Oprah Meditation App: Very situational meditation. This app less about step-by-step, but more about incorporating meditation into different daily situations.

Omvana meditation app review


Omvana gives you access to many great sounds, music, and guided session for meditation, you can choose the length of each meditation session which can go up to like an hour, which also include different focuses.

What’s special about the Omvana: This app features a pretty cool background music mixer feature, which let users mix their own meditation music and sounds

Insight Timer Review

Insight Timer

Definitely the popular app among serious meditators. The Insight Timer features a really useful meditation time with the capability of setting multiple intervals to time your meditation. It also provides great background ambient sound and meditation community functionality.

What’s special about Insight Timer: We like the timer functions and meditation community features. It’s handy if you are a regular meditator and already know what you are meditating without the need of much guidance.