Sleep Meditation: The Secrets to Better Sleep

sleep meditation

A lot of our readers always ask: what are the secrets to better sleep? What can we do before sleep to make ourselves waking up fully energized the next morning? Yes, that’s right, meditation does help a lot. Here are the simple and useful sleep meditation technique everyone can use, starting today.

sleep meditation

The Preparation

First let’s talk about the simple preparation: Stop checking Facebook or watching TV shows/movies 20min before sleeping! The reason for doing this is to help your mind to clam down and be peaceful before going to bed. It’s very useful to keep your mind clear and worry-free, so you can stop being dragged into different unnecessary errands and emotions which would affect your sleep quality.

Parking your Mind

Similar to parking your car, Now let’s put your mind to ‘Park’ before doing the sleep meditation. This is very simple: choose a relaxing pose or simply lay down on your bed, relax, breathe slowly and count your breathe. Keep your breathe long and slow, and start counting 10 sets of breathe (exhale and inhale as 1 set).

happy sleep meditation

Sleep Meditation

Think about the happy moments that you had during the day. What are you happy about? What do you feel grateful for today? Let’s re-visualize the details and the feelings of today’s happy and grateful moments. Better yet, think about the people you helped during the day: did you help your colleague? Did you help that old lady to cross the road? Did you help someone find a job or a client? Did you donate money to the ones who need financial help? Close your eyes and re-live those enjoyable moments. Did you see the smiles on their face? Did you see their thankful emotions? Did you feel their happiness? Have your mind fully immerse into these happy moments, and feel free to put a smile on your face too.

wake up happy

That’s it! it’s a pretty simple, easy, and effective sleep meditation. All you have to do is relax and focus on the happy moments, and fall asleep in the sweetest happy emotions.  Try it – your sleep will never be the same again!