The Secret to ‘The Secret’ and Happiness: Being Grateful

The Secret Grateful Happy

The Secret Grateful Happy

You know the universal secret to Happiness? It’s actually very simple: being Grateful.

A lot people asked us about the law of attraction, as they read in the book ‘The Secret’. According to what the book says, one can attract what they want in life by continuously thinking (or manifesting) about certain things. That being said, some people says somehow it does not work; they do not get what they want event if they think about that thing all the time.

So what is missing from the formula in ‘The Secret’? It’s actually very simple: it’s your underlying emotion when you think about the things you want continuously. Let’s use money as an example: Are you trying to attract money by thinking about it day-and-night because you are not happy with your current financial situation? Or are you happy with the current state of abundance when you think about money?

The secret of happiness and getting what you want in life is being grateful of your current state. To be able to attract more financial resources, you have to realize on how lucky you are being in the current state of abundance. You have to feel grateful on the current lifestyle. Okay, you may not live in a huge mansion currently, but you have to appreciate the fact that you actually have a clean shelter. You may not be a billionaire yet, but you have to appreciate the fact that you are so lucky that you do not need to worry about meals. Feeling happy is all about being grateful and feel good about what you have currently.

When you feel Happy about what you currently have, and happily imagine the possibilities on what life can be like if you have even more financial resources, you will truly attract what you want and attract more financial resources. This is the secret of ‘The Secret’

The Secret Abundance

From this moment on, make yourself a habit of looking around on what you have and feel thankful and grateful about it. Think about how lucky you already are, and imagine what life can be likely with even more resources. Only then, you will be able to be truly happy; only then, you will be able to attract what you want.

Be grateful, and dream big on possibilities!