Sleep Meditation: The Secrets to Better Sleep

sleep meditation

A lot of our readers always ask: what are the secrets to better sleep? What can we do before sleep to make ourselves waking up fully energized the next morning? Yes, that’s right, meditation does help a lot. Here are the simple and useful sleep meditation technique everyone can use, starting today.

sleep meditation

The Preparation

First let’s talk about the simple preparation: Stop checking Facebook or watching TV shows/movies 20min before sleeping! The reason for doing this is to help your mind to clam down and be peaceful before going to bed. It’s very useful to keep your mind clear and worry-free, so you can stop being dragged into different unnecessary errands and emotions which would affect your sleep quality.

Parking your Mind

Similar to parking your car, Now let’s put your mind to ‘Park’ before doing the sleep meditation. This is very simple: choose a relaxing pose or simply lay down on your bed, relax, breathe slowly and count your breathe. Keep your breathe long and slow, and start counting 10 sets of breathe (exhale and inhale as 1 set).

happy sleep meditation

Sleep Meditation

Think about the happy moments that you had during the day. What are you happy about? What do you feel grateful for today? Let’s re-visualize the details and the feelings of today’s happy and grateful moments. Better yet, think about the people you helped during the day: did you help your colleague? Did you help that old lady to cross the road? Did you help someone find a job or a client? Did you donate money to the ones who need financial help? Close your eyes and re-live those enjoyable moments. Did you see the smiles on their face? Did you see their thankful emotions? Did you feel their happiness? Have your mind fully immerse into these happy moments, and feel free to put a smile on your face too.

wake up happy

That’s it! it’s a pretty simple, easy, and effective sleep meditation. All you have to do is relax and focus on the happy moments, and fall asleep in the sweetest happy emotions.  Try it – your sleep will never be the same again!

Breath Meditation: The Perfect Ten

Breath Meditation

Breath Meditation

Here is an excellent simple meditation you can do anytime and anywhere – it’s call ‘The Perfect Ten’ Breath Meditation. This breath meditation can be used as a preliminary to almost every other kind of meditation.

The idea is that, during the day, our mind is very stirred up thinking about all the different things that we have to do.  We need a very basic meditative technique to bring it to a state of stillness, and from there we can be clear to go into a deeper meditation on a certain object.

You can think of this like the process of taking your car out in the morning.  You back it out of the parking spot, and then switch it from “reverse” gear to “drive”. The idea is that you can’t just go from “reverse” to “drive” without stopping the car first; otherwise, you will strip the gears.  In between the two, you have to pause and put the car into “neutral.”

The mind before meditation is just the same.  Before we shift it into “drive” with a specific meditation object, we have to slow it down first, and put it into a neutral place.

Breath Counting

This neutral place is Breath Meditation.  Here’s how we do it.

Sit in a comfortable position for meditation, and take yourself through the Meditation Takeoff Checklist.  Then bring your mind to your breath.  At first, just follow the breath, out and in.  That is, normally we think of a breath as being an inbreath followed by an outbreath—the way we take a deep breath before we swim a long distance underwater.

Here though we focus on the outbreath and then on the inbreath.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  The first breath we take in our life is an inbreath; and the last breath we take is an outbreath.  The purpose of deep practices of meditation and yoga is partly to reverse this normal process of aging and death; as a celebration of this intention, we change our conception of a breath—starting with the exhale first.

Breath out meditation

Secondly, all of us tend to breathe too short, and too quickly.  If we are mindful to make our exhales long and full, pushing out the last part of the stale air, then our inbreaths will automatically be full as well, and our mind will be more clear, with the extra oxygen and prana.  Thus, we start with an exhale.

So let’s begin our Breath Meditation.  After a number of normal breaths with slow long exhales, we begin to focus closely on the flow of the breath.  Think of yourself as a tiny little man sitting on the end of your nose, like an attendant at a city parking lot.  You are simply watching the cars leaving and returning to the lot.

Don’t try to control the breath, don’t think too much.  Just sit and watch the breaths leaving and returning.  Glue your mind to the breath as it glides in and out, like a ski that stays in contact with the snow, even as it moves across the snow.


Begin counting the breaths: Each time you exhale and then inhale, this counts as one breath.  Focus your mind on the breath, and try not to think of anything else.  If your mind comes off of your breath and you do think of something else, then you have to start the count over again at 1.

See if you can reach 10 without thinking of anything else.  When you start to try this little exercise, you find that’s it quite difficult.  This is an indication of just how scattered our mind usually is, even though we’re so used to it that we rarely notice.  As you continue a regular breath meditation practice, you will find that your ability to get to 10 increases.

That’s it, very simple. Take it easy – this simple counting breath meditation focuses your mind to calmness – that’s the Perfect Ten.

The Best Time to Meditate during the Day

Best Time To Meditate

The Best Time to Meditate during the Day

We have quote a lot of readers ask us this good question: When is the best time to meditate during the day? It’s definitely a very good but personal question. Different people have different habit, but here what we recommend as best meditation practices:

Best Time to Meditate Morning

Morning Meditation

One of the best time to meditate is during early morning, especially between 5am – 7am. In fact, we recommend everyone make meditate the 1st first in the morning after you wake up, brush your teeth and wash your face. Try to practice 10-minute morning meditation before reading facebook, news, or having any breakfast.

We do not recommend you meditate on your bed because that’s where all the drowsiness energy stays. These best place to meditation in the morning is either somewhere outdoor or a very quiet corner inside your house which keeps you free from distractions.

Best Time to Meditate LunchTime

Lunchtime Meditation

The other best time to meditate is during lunch time. After the whole morning of work, meeting, and running around, it is a very good practice to take a moment during lunchtime to ‘re-group ‘ and meditate. The right kind of meditation during lunch time is a very effective way to re-charge and re-energize yourself for the afternoon.

It is also a good mindfulness reminder to re-instill the calmness throughout the day. Remember, a big meaty and starchy lunch will tend to make you tired in the afternoon, so the best practice is to have a light but high energy lunch and then do a short and sweet meditation after.

Happy Meditation Evening

Evening Meditation

It is also a very good practice to meditate before you go to bed. We highly recommend that you stop looking at computer, TV, or cell phone screen 30 min before you go to bed. Instead, you should find a quiet moment and do a easy happy meditation. The point of this happy meditation is to relax and think about all the happy things you did through the day. For example, you can think about the happy moment when you see the smile on the person’s face that you helped earlier today.

When you are doing the happy meditation, try to visualize every happy moments in as much detail and emotion as possible. By reviewing the happy moments, you will feel grateful about life. It will also help you to get an excellent sleep in happiness, which is the most awesome way to wrap up the day!

After all, every minute is the best time to meditate, and establishing a regular habit to do that would help a lot to re-charge your day effectively.


The Honest Guys Meditation

Honest Guys Meditation

Some of our readers asked us about where to find great free YouTube Meditations. We actually found The Honest Guys Meditation series pretty interesting. Started since 2009, these Honest Guys Meditation has a great balance on the variety and quality.

Honest Guys Meditation

So who are ‘The Honest Guys’? They are Rick, Kevin, Sian. The team actually started The Honest Guy’s YouTube Channel quite some years ago, originally intended to be a channel for giving honest opinions and reviews on different self-improvement practices, systems, and methods. And then, the YouTube Channel evolves into focusing on giving free great quality free guided meditation contents with the aim of helping their audiences.

The Honest Guys Meditation is about making meditation extremely easy and approachable. In their words, meditation is not about sitting on the floor all day or associated with the ‘woo-woo’ stereotype.

We definitely agree with them. Meditation, at the most basic level, is about allowing the body to enter the deep state of relaxation, and allowing the mind to enter the deep state of presence and focus.

These Honest Guys Meditation videos cover a large variety of topics, mainly includes total relaxation, reducing stress, sleep, and affirmations.  These meditation videos come in great relaxing music and guided English voices, with duration vary , from 8 min to 4 hours. Their main mission is to help everyone.

One of our favorite Honest Guys Meditations is the Chakra Balancing Meditation – which is a 30 min refreshing and re-balancing meditation.

Here is The Honest Guys Meditation Youtube Channel

They also have albums in iTunes.

Really grateful and thankful for the good-hearted Honest Guys. Please do support them.